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About us

Kristian & Aleksander

Kristian & Aleksander is a marketplace where we sell and buy used and unused clothing items from top men's and women's fashion brands.

At Kristian & Aleksander, we make luxury fashion ecological and easily accessible to everyone. We offer the widest possible variety of products for women and men. From us you can get branded bags, branded clothes, belts and other accessories, such as sunglasses. We always guarantee you the authenticity of the products.

Sustainable fashion

Participate with us in a more sustainable development in fashion. Rather, buy a treasure that is no longer needed by someone else and this way you can join us in reducing the carbon, water and waste footprints of products!

Did you know? By buying used/unused products, you extend the life of pre-owned items and thanks to only nine additional months of use, you can reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint by approximately 20-30% .

Our prices are competitive and we invest in service. We are constantly developing our operations and therefore all feedback in all forms is always welcome!

Our mission

For us, the feeling of comfort, responsibility and sustainable development in clothing are important. We want to offer you everyday luxury through top fashion brands.

We offer high quality and good condition, carefully selected luxury products, such as men's and women's branded clothes, bags and accessories. Products that make you feel good and confident.

We are proud of our responsible business operations and our products, which our customers are happy to wear. We want to bring joy and a good attitude to your day, which extends and belongs to everyone!


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