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Sustainable and responsible luxury

Sustainable development has become an important topic in environmental and social issues. While the negative environmental impact of fast fashion is growing exponentially, the fashion industry has become one of the world's biggest polluters. This is largely due to huge carbon dioxide emissions and overuse of dwindling water resources.

High-quality luxury products

Kristian & Aleksander wants to enable an increasingly conscious and responsible way of acquiring high-quality luxury products. We do this by providing a secure marketplace where you can buy and sell used luxury goods such as designer clothing , bags and accessories . By recycling pre-owned luxury, we can work together to reduce product waste and extend the useful life of objects and their carbon footprint.

We are proud that every product purchased and sold through us contributes to our goal of expanding the circular economy and building a more sustainable future for luxury.

Towards a better future with used branded clothes

Kristian & Aleksander believes that used fashion is one of the most important cornerstones of a more sustainable future. Those who buy and sell luxury through us support the circular economy and prevent waste by giving new life to used designer clothes and other luxury products.

We make luxury sustainable and easily accessible

Our goal is to promote more environmentally friendly choices by participating in the recycling of luxury products and by extending the life cycle of more and more goods and waste generated from the fashion industry. Kristian & Aleksander can proudly offer new, more sustainable and affordable fashion with pre-owned luxury brands.

Towards more responsible consumption and business

We speak strongly in favor of responsible consumption and conducting business. Second-hand luxury is a great choice for many reasons, but especially because buying branded clothes and accessories second-hand significantly reduces waste, as well as the carbon and water footprint of the products.

Up to 30% smaller footprint

By buying used and/or unused, but pre-owned products, you not only extend the life of the items, but also reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint by about 20-30%. This is done by giving the item only nine extra months of use.

Kristian & Alexander, More responsible luxury

Kristian & Aleksander is an online marketplace for used luxury fashion. We offer high quality and good condition, carefully selected luxury products, such as men's and women's branded clothes, branded bags and accessories. Products that make you feel good and confident.

As more and more consumers make more sustainable choices and increasingly choose pre-owned luxury instead of fast fashion, we promote our goal of increasing the recycling of branded products and the adoption of the circular economy into a wider part of our society.

Already manufactured products

By buying and selling luxury products that have already been manufactured, you too can significantly reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of those items. At the same time, you participate in building a better tomorrow.

You can check out used brand clothes and other luxury products here .

You can sell used branded clothes, bags and accessories to us here .

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